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New Online Service


Glenrose launches new online financial advice service
We are very excited to announce that we have launched a new online financial advice portal which will enable new and existing clients to make online bookings with their financial adviser.
We now have the technology and software required to enable us to offer a full financial planning service virtually, in the same way as our face-to-face service.
New clients can make an initial appointment via an online booking system and receive all the documents they need ahead of the first meeting. They will then have a 90-minute session with one of our financial advisers to discuss their needs.
After the meeting, the planner will draw up a report and recommendations based on their requirements, before a second meeting takes place to sort all the paperwork. All transactions and documents can be securely signed and verified electronically, in accordance with GDPR regulations.
The Covid-19 lockdown has meant that more people than ever are using video-conferencing and other technologies to communicate.  Our new online portal will sit alongside our other financial planning services to offer customers more choice in the way they want to engage with us.
Anyone interested can book an initial appointment online at new online portal.

Rolls-Royce Financial Advice 

Glenrose supports Rolls-Royce workers with complimentary financial advice

As a proud Derby company, we’ve always believed in investing in, and giving something back to, the communities we serve.

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has had a big impact on many businesses across the city and beyond, and this is something that has not only affected business owners but has also impacted the lives of thousands of employees and their families, who face an uncertain future. 

We were shocked by the news a few weeks ago that Rolls-Royce, the city’s most iconic employer, had to take the difficult decision to cut around 1,500 roles from its Civil Aerospace division in Derby, in response to the anticipated effects the Covid-19 pandemic will have on the aviation industry over the next few years.

It has left many local workers who could be affected by this decision facing worries about what the future might hold. 

We already work with many clients employed by Rolls-Royce and have noticed an increase in enquiries on the back of the announcement it made recently. 

In response, we have decided to offer any Rolls-Royce employees who may be affected by redundancy a complimentary initial financial planning consultation to discuss their situation and come up with a plan based on their individual requirements.

We provide families and individuals with a wide range of insurance and investment advice, as well helping with retirement planning and mortgages and hope that these sessions will help to provide peace of mind and a bit of financial security to anyone who might be affected.  

Chris Leafe, our Director, said: Rolls-Royce is a key part of the business landscape here in Derby, providing employment opportunities to generations of local families and driving the region’s economy. 

We’ve worked with many current and former Rolls-Royce employees over the years and wanted to do something to help support its workers during this challenging time.

Many local people will be facing an uncertain future due to the changes being made, so we are offering initial financial planning consultations to anyone affected, so we can discuss their current financial situation and come up with a personalised plan which meets their retirement, mortgage, investment, and protection needs.

It’s important at times like this that the city pulls together. This is our way of supporting anyone who’s affected, and their families, to ensure that whatever happens, their finances are being taken care of in the best way possible.

Any Rolls-Royce employees interested in a consultation should give us a call on 01332 297500, email or book a session via our new online portal.

We are pleased to inform you that all Glenrose staff will be returning to the office on Monday 3rd August.  We hope there hasn't been too much disruption to our service and would like to thank all our clients for their patience and understanding during these challenging times.

We intend to make a limited amount of visits to clients as necessary, but will also be conducting client meetings via video conference - if you would like to arrange an appointment you can either e-mail or book a session via our new online portal

In other news....

On the news last week it was announced that the Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine trial was progressing well.  Whilst such trials are important to all of us, we have been following this one particularly carefully here at Glenrose.  Steve’s wife, Vanessa, has been taking part in the trial for the vaccine.  She got involved after seeing that groups of NHS employees meeting specific criteria were needed.  As Vanessa fit within one of these, she volunteered to take part.  It involves visits to Nottingham University where she was given a vaccine and has to return for regular testing.  In addition, Vanessa has to do a weekly test herself using one of the packs in the picture which is posted in a priority post box with results being emailed to her usually within 24 hours.