Investment Advice

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Different types of Investment Glenrose can help with;

Investment of money can be for a number of reasons.

  • What is the investment for?
  • Is it to get better returns than a cash deposit?
  • Is it for tax efficiency?
  • Is there a particular purpose for the money?
  • Is income required from the capital?

How it works

Investment of money is always deemed as a longer term commitment. Cash is always better in the short term. Investment also carries risk, and assessing the client capacity for loss is a key issue. This may vary from year to year and the economy may impact on how people feel.

As an adviser we will make a client aware of the tax efficiency of each type of investment and how this fits in with an overall personal tax position. Investment will fall as well as rise and it is important that a client will know the expectations of that investment so when it does fall they can better accept it and rely on the adviser to advise if this needs altering. This is key to the approachability of Glenrose in that clients can feel that they can have on open discussion

Investments form part of a long term overall strategy for clients as does the use of tax allowance and making sure these are planned for and used to their optimum. Diversification of assets such as cash, property and investment plans give a good broad base to work from.

So what next?

Call us to find out more on how investing can bring tax efficiency into your life.