Retirement Planning

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Everyone has a time when they will stop working, when that is varies tremendously from individual to individual.

The key to advising on retirement is to have plans and discussions in place to cope with this ever changing environment.

Long gone are the days when people retire at a given age ie 60/65. People live longer,are generally more active and therefore retirement planning can be a shifting platform. 

At Glenrose we understand this requirement for flexibility we also advocate that relying on one plan is not necessarily the best way.

The chancellor has altered the retirement planning landscape in recent months and advisers and companies have had to adapt to the new regime. Retirement planning is about accumulating money to take back as income when needed.

It is our view that pension plans should form one part of this and other ways should also be considered.

With the new regime it is now more important than ever to assess where your pension plans are, what are they worth,when is the retirement date, do they fit in with the new regime and what you will require from them.

Key questions to consider

  • Should your pension plans be all together?
  • What sort of income can I get from these?
  • What is the tax position?
  • How much can I pay into a pension plan?
  • How tax efficient is pension plan?
  • Can I use my pension to assist my business or buy a property?

Work place pensions are very relevant at the moment and we offer a service to employers and employees so they understand how they work,how important they are for the employer and the options available to all concerned.

It is a fact that we are generally all living longer so we need our money when we stop working to work harder and last longer.

This is a big advice area either whilst you putting money in to get that pot of money when you need it, or how is best to access it when you do want it.

The best advice we can give you is - get some advice and contact us.


Mr PE - Swadlincote (Business)

"The review took into account my circumstances, my concerns and my aims. In particular I feel that it has got me back on track in terms of reviewing and understanding how my current pension arrangements are both performing and likely to perform. As a result of the review I will be using Steve for my future advice on pension planning."